Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Yo it's the SolidWorks® Rap S.W.R.A.P Video (+lyrics)

Check this out: If you're into pigeon holing, I THINK this would be classed as a Nerdcore Glitch Grime Rap track, weighing in at 130 b.p.m.
What I KNOW is that it is a rap video about SolidWorks 3D CAD software, and therefore needs to be seen if you are or ever have been a SolidWorks user.
The lyrics are full of SW references, check em out below the video if you don't understand the language of rap! Big shout out to the Geojobi crew for posting this up!!

SolidWorks® Rap S.W.R.A.P - Now with added video!

Techies designers & engineers,
Stop what you’re doing And lend your ears,
I’m not dissing the competition, But lets just say,
I’m down with Dassault Systèmes
Throw your keyboard in the air,
Roll your SpaceBall like you just don’t care
And if you’ve got SolidWorks tattooed on your knuckles
Let me hear you say “oh yeaah”.

Oh… So I guess its just me,
My SolidWorks skills are a bit rusty,
That’s a joke… are you mental?!
In my sleep I model sheep, made from Sheet Metal.
Back to the program,
For 3D CAD, man
It’s just so nang. Understand!
You can design anything that you think you can.

Shell it out rip the corners and flatten it.
Library Feature Emboss and Pattern it
Watch for zero thickness edges,
Or the feature manager just ain't havin it.

I start a part like a warlord, planning it
Sketch on a fag packet before attackin’ it.
And if its got Wrap in it ,or a complex feature I’ll handle it,
Hang on I said wrap, init --
‘Wrap’ s a feature featured in this rap, init!

It’s a
Rap, It’s a
Rap, It’s a
Rap, It’s a

Somebody did a SolidWorks rap before,
But the rhymes were shoddy & the track was poor.
This is 130 BPM, and what’s more,
Have you ever heard SolidWorks Grime Nerdcore?

His rap was essentials; mine’s advanced,
Now it’s time to bust a little SolidWorks dance, it goes…

Left click… Right click…
Alt + Mouse wheel & ‘Roll’.
Rotating’s easy, and if you wanna pan
It’s Mouse wheel & hold control, yo!

I Flexed my best Feature at SolidWorks World;
Tried to Combine my Solid Body with the girls,
It was getting late with no sense in a date,
So I said that I’m great at Concentric Mates

I drew me a Rolex, so I looked the bomb,
Threw in an exploded view and a BOM.
My graphics card ain’t wack, I keep it real dude,
My pimp cup’s blingin’ when I tweak the RealView,

Some ‘ice’ on my neck’d look fresh,
I’m gonna Boss Extrude my name in bold text.
And then 3D Print this thing,
And I’m gonna make myself a sick pinky ring…

…And I’m out!

It’s a
Rap, It’s a
Rap, It’s a



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