Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cool SolidWorks Google Doodle to mark SolidWorksWorld ...?

Woaaah... Not sure if this Google Doodle is actually going to happen in time for #SWW2013 but it would be so shhweeeet!! Any SolidWorks user worth their Sodium Chloride should recognise at least SOME of the classic user icons from their SW toolbars. And if not... you need to get exploring and customising your toolbars :b

I've always loved and respected the way Google unleash their many Google Doodles on the search engine world. Whether celebrating humanity's achievements or commemorating sad days, the Google Doodles manage to mix elements of science, culture, beliefs and straight-up geekiness (...hmmm, the interactive Moog one probably covers all these in one fell swoop!).

With a love of SolidWorks and the way corporate giants get playful with iconic designs, I definitely feel SolidWorks should have its 15 minutes on the Google homepage. This Google Doodle (er, Goodle?) cleverly and neatly conveys the SW 3D CAD process from initial vector based Sketch Tools through to 3D Features, back into Sketch & Solid Body editing, and finally: publishing your work (in this case, the eDrawings icon is used, but SolidWorks has plenty more ways to get your work out to the people who need to see it (Drawings, PhotoView360, 3D Printing, 3DVia, 3D PDFs, etc).

Well, before this starts to sound like a corporate-sponsored advert (trust me, it isn't) let me just say I hope this SolidWorks Google Doodle will grace the Google search engine homepage some day very soon.

...And with SolidWorks World just round the corner, who knows what a few good spirited tweets and a healthy dose of re-blogging might do... Exercise your social media power, SW 3D CAD fans ;)

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